5 Good Enough Reasons to Have Kids


I once read somewhere that babies only look cute in diaper ads; in real life they are little monsters. True that, they sure will bar you from savoring coffee without being nagged, going on shopping sprees and oh well, you can certainly forget about having that beauty sleep you so insisted on taking before you had these cuties! If devils wear Prada, these diaper-clad angles will wear you out! Before long, you’d realize you live by the ticks of the clock: 5:00 am- it’s time for the baby’s bottle,5:15 am- oh, time to change the diaper, 5:20 am- oops! Time to fix his cereal! If you’re the mommy, you appear to be slightly disheveled and your eyes get groggy and if you’re the daddy, your neck ties will smell of formula, fabric conditioners and of course you won’t mind using baby oil- you’re too used to it anyway!

Nah, it’s not all that bad!

Before you pull a face reading all the gory details, remember that you were a baby, too and you used to give your homies same tough time! It may take a while getting used to finding your sock in the fridge, resolving the never-ending arguments of your kids and answering the more than awkward question of your kids, “where do babies come from?” but in the end, you still would love getting home with your kids running to you to give you that million-dollar hug and cute hand-made cards on mothers’ and fathers’ day! Life is so boring, too perfect and virtually robotic without kids. So there are good enough reasons to go on having kids and bear with the nightmarish routine- it’s worth the pain as so many parents say!

5 reasons to walk in the line of fire!

Let me give you some of the interesting reasons to have kids. There is no overlooking the fact that kids would complete your family and would bear your name and thus are a continuation of the natural process of extending humanity but there are so many other reasons that will make you want to have kids!

1. Self – esteem boost

If you think that no one loves you and even your wife says you can’t do a thing right, then you definitely need to have kids! Trust me, when I fix my little daughter’s broken doll and she gives me that peck on my cheek and says, “You’re the best daddy in the world!” there is hardly a comparison to that feeling!

2. Giving up bad habits:

Believe me, the moment you have kids, you give up on a lot of bad habits that were hard to quit. All of us want to be a role-model for our kids and when you see your kid mimicking you and improving a pen for a cigarette; you wouldn’t want to have another puff- really!

3. Vacationing:

There is fun in mountaineering, scuba-diving, camping and even having a few days off with your spouse at a luxury hotel but there is no better fun than going on an expedition with your kids and the joy of letting them see the world from your eyes!

4. Unmatched circus training!

If you used to marvel the circus shows and how the acrobats could twist bodies and walk on those thin ropes in your childhood, you get to have a certified training course as being parents! You will become adept at ducking an approaching frees-bee, trip over a toy yet maintain your balance and never fall by the time have your kids turned 3! Well, that’s some achievement!

5. No parental woes!

Major reason why couples don’t have kids is the continuous parental woes they’d have to deal with. Not anymore! I know of several couples who actually had kids just because they knew they could monitor them seamlessly. With mobile phone monitoring software, you don’t have to fret about your teens landing into trouble because you know where they go, what friends they keep and what they do online. So yes, the ease of monitoring is another good enough reason that may tempt you to have kids!