How I Started the WParent Blog

People who know me would be surprised to find out that I have my own blog. I never imagine I would even want to start a blog. Although starting a blog seems easy nowadays with thousands of new ones created daily, it does take some efforts (lots of it) to make it work. Reading other people’s blogs is nice but I used to think that there is just too much writing to be done.

It is true that you get to know many people through blogs. At the same time, it also widens your mind through reading, material research, the exchange of ideas and constant interaction. The WParent blog is actually formed through the collaboration with another blogger (KC) whom I ‘met’ through his blog. He owns a financial blog, KCLau.com that gives great money tips, advice and news. Just out of curiosity, I emailed him asking whether he gives money advice on a one to one basis. He said yes and he gave me very useful money advice through email and it was free of charge (lucky me). He is actually a professional financial planner which commands a few thousands for a professional consultation.

Out of the blue, he invited me to write articles for his blog and also an offer to start a blog together. Knowing that I do not particularly see myself as a ‘writer’ (my essay writing was poor in school), I accepted the article writing part only. Luckily my first submission met with his approval and I continued to contribute articles for his blog. The great thing is we even work together on an ebook entitled, “Secrets to Writing an Ebook in 3 Easy Steps”.

Eventually, the idea of collaborating on a new blog resurfaced again and this time it does not sound so impossible compared to the first time. My role is to take care of the contents and he will be in charged of the technical things. The blog idea was re-introduced in early December 2008 and two weeks later, I started to post contents on a daily basis. We decided that the new blog will focus on the parenting field as we are both passionate about it. It is a fairly new blog but we are proud that we managed to work well and put together quite a nice blog.

That is the story of how WParent blog got started. I have never met KC except through our constant email communication. We became acquainted through his blog and have a nice time collaborating on this blog. So, blogs are great as you never know what kind of people you get to meet and even work with.

I will be submitting this article to the WoBM Group Writing Project, where you will find similar articles on the subject of “blogging and relationships”.