Find Out What Your Teen Is Texting

Kids are so social that as they grow up their friends influence them more and more. You don’t want friends who will negatively influence your kid’s life, but often you just don’t know as much as you would like about your child’s friends.

We all try to be smart parents and listen for clues about what our kids are doing. We hope that they will use good judgment, but we know that kids don’t always make good decisions, especially when they are being influenced by their friends.

Kids can get into so much trouble so quickly and easily, especially with cell phones and computers. They have access to so many people, through texting, email and chatting and have access to so much information through the internet.

What they are doing may be intended as good fun but can get them into situations that range from not good for them to being downright illegal. Parents now have access to tools that help them know what their kids are up to.

mSpy can let you know what your kids are really doing versus what they tell you they are doing. If you can’t answer the question: Do you know what your kids are up to? mSpy allows you to see each text your teen is texting on the cell phone. It records logs of all calls made or received by the phone and even GPS locations of the phone at any given time. And here’s a coupon code that will get you 15% off on any purchase made at mSpy:

What if your teen is texting a lot late at night? With mSpy’s time restriction feature, you can block specific phone functions, set time limits and hours of usage and even lock or unlock the phone completely. All of this can be done from a remote location 24 hours a day. This feature will automatically lock the device during off hours and prevents your teen from texting or surfing the Internet during school hours or late hours at night. Besides this, you can restrict specific contact numbers from your teen’s phone as well.

Another noticeable feature of this monitoring software is its SMS alert option. This feature automatically notifies you if your teen is sending or receiving any specific keywords on their cell phone. mSpy allows you to create a list of words and phrases that will activate this alert. If your teen has changed the SIM card, you can also receive an alert with the new SIM card information.